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2) Sherlock Holmes    Detective who lives at Basker Street in London                                                       
3) Dr.Watson    Narrator of this story / Friend and Assistant of Mr. Sherlock Holmes                               
4) Sir Charles   Uncle of Henry/Stapleton, 70 year old man who died in the 'Yew Alley'                             
5) Dr.Mortimer  Friend and Family doctor of  Charles and executor of Sir Charles 'will'                            
6) Sir Henry   Nephew of  Charles who has been living in Canada/ Last heir of Baskerville property           
7) Hugo Baskerville   Wicked Hugo who started the curse of the Bskerville                                                
8) John, Rodger and Elizabeth   Children of Hugo Baskerville                                                                     
9) Rodger Baskerville   Brother of Charles / Father of Stapleton but people believed that he died, unmarried
10) Jack Stapleton / Mr.Vandeleur / 
Rodger Baskerville
 Son of Rodger Baskerville / Nephew of Sir Charles / The man who is responsible for the death of Charles and the one who is trying to kill Sir Henry to get the property of Baskerville. He ran St.Oliver's School.
11) Beryl Stapleton / Mrs.Vandeleur   Wife of Stapleton who has been introduced by Stapleton as his sister in Devonshire.  
12) Old man  Servant in Merript House                                                                                                     
13) John Barrymore   Bulter of Bakerville Hall / brother-in-law of Selden                                                  
14) Eliza Barrymore   Wife of Mr.Barrymore and sister of Selden                                                              
15) Selden   Brother of Mrs.Barrymore / The escaped convict from Prince town Jail in the Nottinghill murder case.  
16) Perkins   Groom of the Baskerville Hall                                                                                               
17)John Clayton   Driver of the Cab No.2704 which was used by Stapleton in London to follow Sir Henry 
18) Cartwright   Little boy in the telegraph office of London                                                                       
19) Wilson   Manager of the telegraph office of London                                                                             
20) Lestrade   Police Officer of London                                                                                                     
21) James   Little boy in the telegraph office of Grimpen                                                                             
22) German Waiter   The waiter in the hotel where Sir Henry stayed when he first came to London             
23) Soldiers    They were posted at the railway station of Grimpen and on the moor to catch the escaped convict of Nottinghill murder case, Selden.  
24) Scullery maid   The woman who is in Baskerville Hall                                                                           
25) Frankland   Amateur astronomer, the one who lives in Lafter hall and father of Laura Lyons                  
26) Laura Lyons   Daughter of Frankland, wife of an artit named Lyon and the one who wrote a letter to sir Charles to meet her at 10 pm near the wicket gate (moor gate) 
27) Mr.Lyons   Husband of Laura. He is an artist. He left Laura after some time                                         
28) Girl   The neighbouring land owner's daughter of Wicked Hugo whom he loved                                    
29) James Desmond   An elderly clergy man, Distant cousin of Sir Charles                                                       
                         PLACE                     DESCRIPTION                                          
 1) Baskerville Hall    The House of the Baskervilles                                                
 2) Basker Stree    Residence of Sherlock Holmes                                                  
 3) Grimpen   The place where Dr.Mortimer stays                                                   
 4) Merript Houe   The residence of Stapletons                                                       
 5) Merript House   The residence of Stapletons                                                      
 6) Dartmoor   The name of the moor near Baskerville Hall                                      
 7) Yew Alley   The alley in which Sir Charles was found dead                                 
 8) Devonshire    The name of the place where Baskerville Hall                                 
 9) Northumberland   The hotel where Sir Henry stayed when he first visited London 
10) Combeytracey   The place where Laura Lyons lives 

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